Ever moving. Ever changing. After a three year absence, TesseracT welcomes Daniel Tompkins back to the band as their vocalist.

“Both TesseracT, and Dan have been through a lot over the past few years. Both have improved their talents immeasurably. Honing their craft through experience on stage and in the studio. So, we’re all really excited to put these two entities together again. Already the stage performance feels great, almost as if we’ve just picked up where we left off. And the studio work is straightforward, and purposeful.

Speaking of which, we will spend the next6 months writing and recording the new album, which already sounds fantastic. It is definitely TesseracT, but once again a development, ever pushing forward, ever moving, ever changing. ”


“TesseracT are fucking immense, KKKKK”
- Kerrang!

“Essential for anyone who likes their metal brutal yet cerebral”
- Metal Hammer

“Up-and-coming British prog-metal. From the department of Things that are slept on but are Stupendous”
-The Washington Post

“One is certainly going to be in many albums of the year polls – guaranteed”
- Terrorizer